Introducing Zilingo Connect Omnichannel
Making online sales easy
Zilingo Connect Omnichannel is an all-in-one platform that enables you to seamlessly manage all your online marketplaces.

Centralized Inventory
Stock Synchronization

Access our unified view of inventory, across sales platforms for better inventory management. Control all your stock without the fear of overselling with real time reliable stock syncing and perform bulk action updates across marketplaces.

Order Management
Manage orders easily

Track and process all orders across different marketplaces under one roof. Easily process orders, adhere to SLAs, and manage logistics across different marketplaces. Important information such as deadlines, logistics information are all displayed.

Pricing and Promotions
Control pricing simply

We are supporting you with a dashboard where you can centrally manage pricing and promotions. Apply discounts to your products across sales channels using our pricing feature.

Data and Insights
Make smart decisions

Analyse your sales and receive actionable insights with our easy-to-use dashboard. We help you analyse your sales across marketplaces and gather insights to help excelerate your business growth.

Multi-channel Product listing
One-stop upload

Easily list your products on all channels efficiently to reach more customers. With just one sheet upload, your product will appear on all connected sales channels.

Cross list products

Cross list or copy your products from one store to another. Simply select the products, choose the channel to list on, and Zilingo Connect Omnichannel will create listings for you in real-time

How do I get started?
It's super easy! Simply submit your contact details using the form above and one of our team will contact you shortly. They will then walk you through the registration process, help you easily connect your marketplaces, and show you all the cool features we have.

How do I Sign Up to Zilingo Connect Omnichannel?
Simply register for Zilingo Connect Omnichannel using your email ID from here in 4 simple steps.
1. Click on Login/Sign up
2. Create a Zilingo account using your email ID
3. Fill your personal details
4. Click on “Submit” and you’re all done!

How easy is the product to use?
We've designed Zilingo Connect Omnichannel to be very user-friendly. You will be able to easily manage inventory, update prices, fulfil orders and gather insights. We've also designed helpful features like bulk uploading to make it super fast to make changes.

Do I have to download anything?
No, you don't need to download anything. We are fully online. All you need is a web browser, a good internet connection, and an account on Zilingo Connect Omnichannel. In no time at all, you'll be up and running.

What if I need help?
We’re always here for you. You can of course always contact our customer support team over email on

How does the inventory sync across different marketplaces?
Our system automatically synchronizes your inventory across different marketplaces based on the SKU ID (that's the unique identity number you've assigned to each product). As long as you have same unique identity number across your marketplaces Zilingo Connect Omnichannel will take care of the rest.

Can I connect several stores from the same marketplace?
Yes. Both our Advanced & Professional packages allow you to add multiple stores from the same marketplace. If you need an upgrade, simply upgrade your package here.

Can I use Zilingo Connect Omnichannel internationally?
Yes. Our Professional package allows you to add marketplaces across multiple countries. If you need an update, simply upgrade your account here and become a global super seller in a heartbeat.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?
We don't have long term contracts and billing cycle works per month with no long term commitments. But we get it. Sometimes things just don't work out. If you're not completely satisfied with our product simply contact us using the form above and we will easily cancel your subscription.

What do I pay for this product?
We want to support all types of sellers and have designed 3 different price packages to suit every need. The Starter package is free, and if you love our product (which we think you will!) and want to access more features then simply upgrade to the Advanced or Professional package here. We also don't believe in long term contracts and difficult clauses, so you can pay for one month at a time and cancel at any time. As easy as it gets.